Over mij

I do not have the look of a beauty Queen,
I’ve never had a perfect figure
I’m not a fashionista, just a 50+ blogger who loves fashion
My name is Catherine and welcome to my blog joly look

Where do you live;  I’m born and raised in Knokke-Heist a Belgium seaside resort, single and dog owner of a Tibetan Terrier Hasina.
My home is walking distance from the beach and I can truly say that the luxury shops and many posh establishments are lying in my back garden.

Belgium is a small country that lays between France and Germany. We Belgians love good food and we make the best French fries of the world. Ohh, I forgot something we are famous for our delicious chocolates, Belgian chocolates.

What is your age; I’m over 50, heeeelp

What do you do for a living; I work as an administrative employee and in my spare time a run this fashion and lifestyle blog.

What did you study; ohh that is a long time ago, I have a diploma of fashion designer.
It was hard to hear that they didn’t want me because I was no student of Antwerp fashion school.
I kept on having interest in fashion, through the years I followed several fashion -related courses and I had my own collection of jewelry, which I sold in different Belgian boutiques.

Why did I decide to start a lifestyleblog;  As the average age is 20 to 25 years old in fashionable blogland, as well the ones making it as the ones visiting it. I decided that lady’s of 40-50 plus need their own space, a space different in lifestyle and attitude. So I started this blog, putting all my creativity and experience as a color/style consultant and fashion designer into this blog, my own little space on the internet.

How would you describe your style? Hmm, casual. I love to change a couple of things but the clothes that I like are too expensive for me. Perhaps I would make my own clothes again.

Personal style profile
Summer type
My body figure is a X
Height is 5,7
My favorite colors are the blue tones
I don’t like black white or grey, for me they are no colors